The Blame Game

The last human being, allegedly near perfect, apparently died over 2000 years ago. So it is in our nature to make mistakes.

Too many riders are happy to blame external factors for crashes, near misses or other riding mistakes. Those external factors blamed can be other road users, weather/road conditions, bike problems, you name it anything goes but in my experience very few actually look at themselves and ask the question what could I have done?

You externalise if you blame external factors.This is typical of human beings, it is never your fault we have done it all our lives.
You internalise if you look at what you could have done to minimise the risk.

Until we as riders accept that we are responsible for our own safety, we are a crash waiting to happen. Yes other road users may be legally to blame but knowing that does it make us heal any faster. Or restore our ability to walk. Or God forbid bring us back to life.

If you are approaching a busy intersection with vehicles waiting to pull out or turn. You need to be saying to yourself I can see, they might, I will. DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING!!
1. So we might check our mirrors to find out what is behind us, in case we have to brake suddenly.
2. Think about our road position, can we be seen? Are we buffering from the hazards?
3. Adjust our speed and at least cover but maybe set up our brakes. Just in case that car does turn across our path.

Learn to use this anticipation – even the most conscientious drivers can make mistakes.

Or we can do nothing and put our safety/life in the hands of another road user who might make a mistake. Fat lot of good it does you lying in hospital blaming the other road user.

Remember – Safe riding doesn’t happen by accident!

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