Are you right to ride ?

Remember safe riding doesn't happen by accident

We are here to help you gain skill and confidence. Our commitment is to the provision of the best training available in order to enable you to be the most competent riders on the road.

Our mission is to provide all students with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve your riding life safely.

To show respect and provide a safe learning environment free from any type of discrimination.

To be on time and provide effectively structured and planned full hour lessons with a debriefing.

To work with all our student’s needs, within reason.

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You have a need, let us know and we can find away to meet it!!

  • We are qualified, professional and reliable
  • We provide the highest quality rider training at affordable prices
  • You will gain a set of defensive riding techniques and confidence to ride in all conditions

Why Use Right To Ride ?

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Do you travel to your clients address ?


Can I pay by Credit Card ?


Can I have my lessons on the Weekend ?


Can I have my lessons after work hours ?


What areas do you cover ?

South Tasmania

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Some of our happy clients

  • Geoff Goodwin
    Adam Goodwin

    Very good advice and sense of riding. Well worth a like.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Sykes

    I cannot recommend Terry highly enough. Any mums or dads with young adults relatively new to motorcycle road riding, anyone returning to riding after a break and wanting a refresher, or anyone just wanting to up-skill their motorcycle roadcraft and be safer, this is the guy to talk to.

  • Geoff Penny
    Geoff Penny

    Just completed one of Terry’s rider refresher courses. I highly recommend this course. After 33 years of riding, you never stop learning

  • Christine
    Christine Hayes

    Terry is a terrific coach and mentor to a riding group we ride with. I've learned to improve my roadcraft immensly

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