BMW F850GS Rallye

Had the pleasure of riding the new F850GS fitted with the Rally Style package.

Looks wise it is a great motorcycle and has the typical feel of quality commonly found on BMWs. The parallel twin has just the right combination of intake and exhaust noise to inspire you to rev it and feel the extra 10% of power and torque over the previous model.

Quick Shifter

The Gear Shift Assist Pro works well though it is better changing up from 2nd on to 6th. Changing down it seemed smooth all the time. The 6.5″ TFT display is a delight visually and to use. All switchgear is familiar BMW stuff but now the navigation wheel is standard with the 6.5″ display and in the package fitted to this model the Navigator attachment.

Right Hand Side View

Riding is a delight, with plenty of power and torque available low in the rev range but really kicks in at 5000 rpm just before the peak torque at 6250 rpm.

Handling was light, accurate and refreshingly deceptive considering I thought it would be a slow turner with a 21″ front wheel. The bike was fitted with Michelin Anakee road biased tyres and it felt like it was on rails. With a road ready, full tank weight of 229kg if you are in the market for a light adventure bike capable of taking you anywhere it is well worth considering.

Stylish Front End

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