The Blame Game

The last human being, allegedly near perfect, apparently died over 2000 years ago. So it is in our nature to make mistakes. Too many riders are happy to blame external factors for crashes, near misses or other riding mistakes. Those external factors blamed can be other road users, weather/road conditions, bike problems, you name it …

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Riding Tip 3

Following distance Those who have undergone a Pre Learner, Pre Provisional or Roadskills Course will probably have some memory of the trainer talking about crash avoidance space. Hopefully he/she would have talked about a safe following distance. The closest a motorist (motorcycle or other vehicle) should be to a vehicle in front  is 3 seconds. i.e …

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Riding Tip 2

Tyres are so important Remember the 4 Cs When you check tyres they should be cold, when the content is checked, look at the condition of the tyres at the same time and valves should be capped.

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