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Terry at Bike show
  • Terry McCarthy


A little about Terry

Terry started riding a long, long time ago.

Having ridden everything from mini bikes, motocross and enduros just to name a few.

After joining Tasmania Police, he was professionally trained and became a motorcycle cop spending 10 years of his 22-year career riding them. He was also one of the few Army Reservists to ride with the famous “Red Knights Motorcycle Display Team”.

Terry started his Rider Trainer career in the 1980’s and has since worked for Driver Safety Services and now AJL Training Pty Ltd. Working for AJL he delivers One on one training, Introductory Courses, Pre Learner Motorcycle Courses, Check Rides and Pre Provisional Assessments for AJL.

He also operates “Right To Ride” which is all about allowing current or returning motorcyclists to hone or renew their skills in a manner that is suitable for their individual needs and expectations. Right To Ride was established to allow road going motorcyclists to hone their skills and ride safely on public streets.

Terry maintains a good library of all contemporary motorcycle training manuals both European and US which he refers to prior to publishing tips or hints in various forums.

In other words Terry knows this stuff better than most. He’s the bloke to turn to for accurate advice.

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